May 24-28, 2021


The international seminar “CHINA, BRAZIL AND LATIN AMERICA IN THE POST-PANDEMIC CONTEXT OF COVID-19” aims to reflect on the new directions of the global situation in the post-pandemic context, marked by the need to rebuild the world economy by increasing competition between the great powers, the challenges of international cooperation and the reconstruction of global governance. In this sense, China’s role becomes relevant, not only because it is an important engine of international trade, an important source of direct investments, and for the active role in cooperating with global efforts to combat the pandemic. Latin America, in general, and Brazil, in particular, are in the midst of disputes between the United States and China and need to organize an own strategy that is in line with the region’s interests in boosting their economies and obtaining a more significant political space on the international stage.

Roundtables: (90 minutes each session)

Welcome Remarks:

Prof. Dr. Hector Luis Saint-Pierre – Director of IPPRI

  • Perspectives of the post-pandemic international order (24/05)

Moderator: Samuel Soares

Miao Ji – China Foreign Affairs University

Tullo Vigevani – Unesp

Javier Vadell – PUC-MG


  • Agribusiness at the center of the trade agenda between Brazil and China (25/05)

Moderator: Luis Antonio Paulino

Zhou Zhiwei – Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Aldo Rebelo – ex-Ministro, ex-Deputado Federal


  • Brazil, China and the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (26/05)

Moderator: Marcos Cordeiro Pires


Cai Chunlin – Guangdong Emerging Economies Society/ Qi Su – School of Business, Wenzhou University

José Luis Valenzuela – CELC – Andrés Bello – Chile

Isabela Nogueira – UFRJ – Brasil


  • Cooperation between Brazil and China: an agenda beyond trade (27/05)

Moderator: Alexandre Fuccille

Niu Haibin – Shanghai Institute for International Studies (SIIS)

Luís Antonio Paulino – Unesp

Celio Hiratuka – Unicamp


  • Latin America in the face of United States and China disputes (28/05)

Moderator: André Luiz Scantimburgo

Daniel Morales Ruvacalba – Sun Yat-Sen University (China)

Marcos Cordeiro Pires – Unesp

Gustavo Enrique Santillan – Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

Final Remarks: Luís Antonio Paulino


Hosts:  Institute for Public Policies and International Relations (IPPRI)

Confucius Institute at Unesp (ICUnesp)

International and Economics Studies Institute (IEEI)

Interinstitutional Graduate Program in International Relations “San Tiago Dantas” (Unesp, Unicamp, PUC-SP)


Organizers:                   Marcos Cordeiro Pires

Luís Antonio Paulino



To register access: https://www.institutoconfucio.com.br/eventos/