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Mais uma Oportunidade de trabalho: L&Z Comercial Importacao e Exportacao Ltda

*Os currículos devem ser enviados em inglês* até dia 01/05/2017.

E-mail para envio:

Assunto: Interesse em Vaga L&Z Comercial.



Administrative assistant/ Product testing manager/ Studying and working in China students

L&Z Comercial Importacao e Exportacao Ltda



L&Z Comercial Importacao e Exportacao Ltda是中国广州的进出口公司在巴西圣保罗设立的合资公司。公司已经成立两年多,在巴西开展农业、牛肉和矿业的投资。在Brasilia、Santos、Sao Paolu、Serra nagla、Uberlandia等城市设有办公室,负责大豆、咖啡豆、牛肉、鸡肉的采购和检验。







L & Z Comercial Importacao e Exportacao Ltda is a joint venture between China's Guangzhou Import and Export Company in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The company has been set up for more than two years to invest in agriculture, beef and mining in Brazil. There are offices in cities such as Brasilia, Santos, Sao Paolu, Serra nagla, Uberlandia, which are responsible for the procurement and inspection of soybeans, coffee beans, beef and chicken.

Due to business needs, recruiting Brazil to understand Chinese and English talent to join.

1, administrative assistant: female, Brazil, 28 years of age, college or higher, will speak the basis of Mandarin. Responsible for the English contract and document finishing, export declaration CQ  communication.

2, product testing manager: male / female, 28 years of age, Brazil, college degree, will speak the basis of Mandarin. Responsible for the English product testing and export inspection of the communication.

3, studying and working in China students: female, college or higher, to HSK3 level, tuition fees and two years a round trip ticket by the company. Can be admitted to China Guangzhou Sun yat-sen   University of  undergraduate and above students, professional limited. Will speak the basis of Mandarin, responsible for coordination with the Guangzhou company, professors Portuguese, school study period, the weekly work of not less than 15 hours.

The above positions work five days a week, the monthly salary of 3,000 after tax, bonuses and other dollars.

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