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*Os currículos devem ser enviados em inglês* até dia 25/04/2017.

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Descrição do cargo Interprete Chines - Portugues / Miniso Brazil.


Job position: Interpreter Chinese-Portuguese

Primary location:São Paulo

Job description

Travelling is required to surrounding counties.

Job Summary

Responsible for translating languages to internal and external stakeholders. The

successful candidate will provide language interpretation at business and retail

environment, appointments, and translations to other colleagues and staff.


·         High School Diploma

·         Fluent in Mandarin and Portuguese. English will be a plus Skills and Experience



·         Ability to work and manage scheduled appointments.

·         Strong verbal and reading communication skills. Accurate and succinct reproduction in the specified language.

·         Ability to handle and maintain confidential information.


 Other Requirements

·         Must be able to work on a flexible schedule as needed to meet work, program and project deadlines

·         Good understanding of spoken and colloquial language. A good memory is particularly helpful. Equally, excellent concentration and the ability to think quickly are essential.

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